Who We Are & What We Are About

We think that a destination brewery is defined by the experience.  We strive to ensure that everyone has a great experience.  When it comes to craft beer, that means educating the taste buds and about the process.  Connecting these, we believe, helps to get guests excited about what we are doing on the beer side.

Then there is all the other things that go into the experience.  We continue to work to provide culinary delights from our kitchen, to bring great musical performances to our stage, and to provide other forms of entertainment with games to play, such as shuffleboard, cornhole, giant yard pong, and stacking block towers.  For those that don't drink beer but are visiting with beer-loving friends we have a variety of wines, juices and soda made locally in our region.

We also know that we can improve our environmental performance in many ways, some of which include sourcing locally, reusing plastic can carriers, and recycling or upcycling other materials and brewery wastes.

If there is anything we can do to help you have a better experience, please let us know.

Ken & Lisa